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Our Story


Painting became a passion for me when I came to Long Beach Island

in 2001 to heal from the trauma of losing a son. I opened an outdoor furniture store called Island Teak which eventually found its home in Surf City. My dream of opening an art gallery and boutique was realized in the creation of Firefly Gallery. As a midwife, my first career, I taught prenatal yoga and yoga to children ,which opened the doors to partnering in a yoga studio with Yoga Bohemia in 2018.

Painting watercolor for several years, I never thought I would be capable of painting the figure. My paintings were more an exploration of color and movement then detailed drawing. I was in my studio with a friend, a talented figure artist, and was frustrated trying to paint a mermaid.

After she left,  I spilled some paint. I lifted the indigo watercolor off the floor with my brush and in a few strokes, the Blue Mermaid was born.

I began selling prints of her and thought I would try creating a T-shirt.

To my surprise, it sold quite well and so Blue Mermaid Art began!

                                                                    ~ Joanne Dozor




It is very exciting to be creating designs for Blue Mermaid! In 2017

started painting again. I hadn't pursued much visual art since high school and college. My first painting was the dolphin, inspired by the sea life of Long Beach Island, LBI !

Most of my adult life I have been focused on studying and teaching yoga as well as helping grow food on organic farms. I have taught yoga since 1999. To learn more about my certifications and teaching you can visit I find it wonderful to have access to artistic expression in many forms.

                                                              ~ Emily Dozor

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